Key4market can put you in touch with  business partners, suppliers and buyers in the largest cities and towns in Russia and CIS


We believe that business success depends on many factors including, as the first priority, your company work spectrum, local cultural traditions and environment.


  • Key4market offers its unique expert knowledge, market research and development of winning strategies and tactics in different business sectors. We can help you to build long-term and profitable business relations, including leading industrial and commercial centers for products and services delivery.

  • Our experts in consulting, information technologies, business planning, branding and other areas will deliver fresh ideas to establish your presence in the region and win the new profitable market.

    Key4market works with different clients, from multinational corporations to SMEs. We will provide references of our engagements on request, taking into account your business development plans.

  • If you are interested, we are ready to arrange for a meeting and discuss your requirements.

    We will develop a strategy to help your company to achieve a success across borders and audiences and find you reliable and trustworthy partners.