Production automation

Industrial automation systems, new and already working at enterprises and companies, are on high demand at the market. This includes industrial production automation systems, different stages of business processes automation, reporting and planning systems. And not only in raw materials companies, but at modern textile, food, transport and many other sectors of production.

Key4market provides services for new business development starting from initial market research, company’s promotion on the Internet and a full range of support services, including establishing a new office. Key4market works with partners in the largest cities and towns in Russia and CIS and can you put you in touch with the leading companies in its fields.

Key4market can empower your company and provide strategic advice on how to position your hardware and software solutions, subject to market environment and local regulation.

Key4market can put you in touch with  business partners, suppliers and buyers in the largest cities and towns in Russia and CIS


We believe that business success depends on many factors including, as the first priority, your company work spectrum, local cultural traditions and environment.