12 March 2012

Our market approach

Our market approach

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What we do?

How we do?

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Package research

Package can consist of different services on your demand and is typical for start of new services or products. Key4market research involves office and field activity and represents dedicated internet, databases and networking search for the opportunities for your company on the market, empower by Key4market experts’ talent, experience and knowledge. It is resulted in the document with required information and conclusions to make initial decision to enter new market and market potential evaluation.


Package PR and marketing activity

It is the start of actions on the market and search of consumers of your services or products.

The type of activity is mutually agreed and can include sending materials via the database of proven contacts and checking the interest, visiting professional conference and exhibition, corporate hospitality and many other tools and means to understand the market expectations. Key4market can provide publishing your materials and prices in internet for local audience, what make it easier to build communication channels.

Strategy definition package

This package is in fact the business plan development and writing for entering the market and can be combined from packages 1 and 2 plus strategy and financial planning of the activity. Depending on the type of your business it can be the official business plan, which Key4market can prepare for you or conference call or meeting, defining your targets at the market and results, to be obtained in the certain amount of time.

Development Package

At this stage company visit the market and meet potential clients. Key4market can organize meeting program and administrative support of the visit.

Many leading local companies at Key4market region of activity has English speaking professionals, but be prepared to have only Russian or other local language speaking clients.

Visa support is the question, we need to think in advance, as well or Key4market can represent at initial meeting s and organize videoconferences.

Contract package

Key4market provides the full range of support, such as agent activity, legal consultation, translation

and interaction with the selected clients via e-mail, phone, videoconference and one-to-one meetings.

Local presence package

Key4market has proven experience in starting local companies, including legal company registration, HR and accounting support.

Business development in the region, establishing and increasing sales, reporting to international headquarter, database of relations development, events, start-up of the business from the ground, and building operation structure.

Commercial, marketing development in Russia and CIS region, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan activity at the moment, projects with leading international and local banks, SI and mobile operators, e-commerce, merchants, airlines, fuel companies, industrial enterprises and etc.

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Our market approach

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